Act for a more sustainable cosmetics sector

Integrate environment protection into each stage of the production

Preserving biodiversity, promoting organic and renewable materials, employing green chemistry, encouraging better management of natural resources, emissions and waste, and using recyclable packaging.

Ensure the development of socially responsible sectors

Advising producers, enabling dignified working conditions, setting fair prices, and promoting long-term trade relations, developing healthy beauty products.

Safeguard the sector to cope with the complexity of the supply chain

Ensuring traceability from the origin of ingredients to the finished product, controlling quality throughout the production chain, and guaranteeing transparency in order to strengthen the bond of trust with your suppliers, customers and consumers.

Ecocert, the commitment to a more responsible cosmetics industry

Convinced that the impact that cosmetics have on health and the environment could be significantly improved, we have contributed since 2002 to the development of a more responsible cosmetics industry. In partnership with pioneering players in the sector, we have created the first standard for natural and organic cosmetics, then followed by the international COSMOS standard.

Our expertise benefiting you globally

Are you a raw materials supplier, formulation laboratory, packaging or finished product manufacturer, brand owner, importer, exporter or distributor?

Are you looking to adopt better environmental and societal practices?

Our experts assist you in more than 130 countries through the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices in the cosmetics sector by means of training, consulting, and certification services.

As world leader in natural and organic cosmetic certification, the Ecocert trademark is synonymous with guarantee.

In order to manage the risks and initiate a progress strategy, Ecocert offers recognized standards in organic and natural cosmetics (COSMOS), in Fair Trade or Corporate Social Responsibility. In your company, our solutions may be implemented independently from one another or combined within the frame of a comprehensive responsible business approach.

Our certifications: assurance for your commitments

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Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Natural and organic cosmetics: the fundamentals

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The requirements and steps of the COSMOS certification

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The responsible communication approach applied to Cosmetics

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Our consulting services: know-how dedicated to your projects

We assist you in developping tailor-made solutions that match your targets. Find our references in Cosmetics

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Fair Trade

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